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We are not liable for any damage once our products have been collected from us, I.e- any damage to cakes when transporting is not our responsibility, but instead the customers. Many of our products are delicate so please treat them with care.


It is customers responsibility to ensure their address is correct on their order as this is the address we will ship your parcel to. Please double check that your address is correct on your order and contact us before your parcel is dispatched if you need us to change it. If you provide us with the incorrect address and therefore you do not get your parcel no refunds will be given.

Please note that during hotter months bakes may arrive melted, this is completely out of our control so please order with this in mind. We do not provide refunds for melted items. All items must be stored in the fridge as soon as they arrive. 

If you wish to cancel your order there is a 20% cancellation fee of your total order amount. 

if you order a chocolate slab with baked items you will incur an additonal postage fee of £5.

We cannot be liable for any postal damage as this is out of our hands, no refunds or replacements will be given

All deposits are non refundable. If you need to cancel an order your deposit will be kept and transferred to another date/ order of your Choice

We cannot be liable for any delivery delays for postal orders. We send your parcels out with a confirmed delivery date in mind but this is an aim and not a guarantee. Any orders received after the expected time will not be refunded or replaced

No orders are contractually booked in until a deposit is paid. We will not chase you for your deposit and it must be made when wanting to book in your order. Any deposit placed later than agreed may result in your previous booking been void due to availability changes. Any cancellations are subject to a 20% of the order cancellation fee. 

It is your responsibility to provide us with your correct details when ordering. We will not chase you for correct addresses so please ensure that all details are correct such as a door number as otherwise your order will be cancelled.

We do not cater to any allergies. Please DO NOT order if you have any allergies. We use and work in a kitchen handling nuts, peanuts, gluten, soya, dairy, eggs and any other allergens.

Privacy policy- your privacy is important to us and any information given such as your name and address will only be used by Chanel’s Cakery staff to process and pack your order. Your information will not be shared with any other business, person or organisation.

All photos and information are the property of chanel’s cakery and must not be used for any other advertisement unless by Chanel’s cakery, this would be false advertisement. You must gain the owners permission and a breach of this may result in legal action. All photos of your cakes or bakes remain the legal right of Chanel’s Cakery

If ordering a cake we cannot guarantee an exact replica of any inspo photos provided. We try our best to source the same products but this isn’t always possible. Please make sure that everything on your order invoice is correct before agreeing as paying your deposit is you agreeing to your contact that you are happy

If ordering a cake with fresh flowers you acknowledge that these are not edible and must be removed before cutting and consuming the cake.

Some products such as cake toppers, flowers and other decorative instruments may not be edible. If ordering a 2 tier cake or more please be aware that the cake will include dowels for support and these must be removed before eating

All cakes and bakes are made fresh to order and must be stored appropriately by you, the customer by not keeping them in direct sunlight or heat. All bakes are best kept refrigerated for maximum freshness

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